About me

Who is EG III?

A little over 10 years ago I broke my neck and didn’t know if I would ever walk the same, talk the same, or even leave the hospital alive after surgery. Like many, I’ve seen both highs and lows in life but I have now chosen to, once and for all, completely “Negate Negativity.EG III is the rebirth of a man dedicated to inspire and live a life without limits. Connecting cultures, breaking stereotypes, and experiencing life as a local are three of the major reasons why I travel. Travel…is not some complex, unattainable feat. In my case, all it took was a decision. Begin or continue your travel journey today-follow me, be inspired, and always strive to Go Beyond.

Envision. Engage. Excel.


From the bedside to the ballpark: EG III playing baseball in Japan.

From the bedside to the ballpark: Playing baseball in Japan