The Real Pros and Cons of Pacific Island Cruises

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The Real Pros and Cons of Pacific Island Cruises

Pacific Island Cruises

by Marie Nieves

Pacific Island Cruises

Long past are the days when cruising was just for old people and boring married couples. Now, Pacific Island Cruises are one of the greatest ways to explore the Pacific Ocean and its beautiful islands. More and more young people are choosing to cruise over flying or road tripping because of the excitement the open sea brings. Plus, couples in love can recreate their own version the Rose-and-Jack Titanic scene. What more could one ask for?!? Before booking a cruise; however, you should consider both the pros and cons in order to make sure that it is the right method of travel for you.

Pacific cruises open sea

Pacific cruises, Author: Yolanda Sun

Pro: Authenticity

The very thought of cruising is more exciting than endless hours in trains, planes, and automobiles. Going on a cruise brings a certain dose of authenticity and excitement that will make your journey even more unique. You’ll be able to experience the Pacific Ocean from a completely different perspective and return home with a true adventure behind you.

Con: Seasickness

Well, no one can argue that there’s nothing special about feeling sick. Even if you think that you’ll be among those sitting proudly and soaking in the views, you might be caught off guard. Typically, if you aren’t prone to motion sickness, you’ll experience little to no inconvenience. However, bad weather and rough seas equals seasickness for even the most seasoned travellers.

Pro: A range of activities

If you think you’ll spend days lying in the sun and waiting for something to happen, you couldn’t be more wrong. Cruising actually comes with a range of exciting activities that will get your adrenaline running. On top of that, there are different performances and events you can attend, so don’t even think about writing off cruising as boring!

Con: A lack of choice

Although cruises offer plenty of activities and different destinations, you’re still limited to some extent. You can choose only certain destinations and engage only in the activities provided for you. For the spontaneous ones who like keeping their options open, cruises might be a bit limiting.

Pacific cruises-the liner

Pacific cruises, Author: Linval Ebanks

Pro: Being out in the open sea

Rarely do you have an opportunity to experience the true glory and vastness of the Pacific Ocean other than on a boat. It’s like nothing you have imagined – endless blue horizons, golden sun, breath-taking sunsets and a strange sense of freedom. You can really gain a different perspective on life.

Con: Feeling trapped

Yet, you can somehow feel trapped. You’re on a boat. In the middle of the ocean. You cannot leave until you reach your destination. On top of that, you might not like the people on board, resulting in loneliness travelling alone. It’s only the matter of seconds before anxiety kicks in and all you can do is breathe.

Pacific cruises, Author: Billy Pasco

Pacific cruises, Author: Billy Pasco

Pro: Multiple destinations

The Pacific Ocean is rich in beautiful islands, each one uniquely special. It would be a shame to limit your options just to one when you can visit several. Even if you opt for a single country, you can still explore different destinations and attractions. For example, amazing Pacific island cruises for 2017 offer the opportunity of visiting Nouméa, the vibrant capital city of New Caledonia, the iconic Isle of Pines and Vanuatu’s Mystery Island, and then continue to Fiji and its lively capital Suva, as well as the authentic Sawani Village. All of this during one journey! In case that’s not enough, the Pacific Ocean features even more hidden gems – wild Samoa, exotic French Polynesia, and the tropical Cook Islands.

Con: Limited time

While cruising is a great way to explore and test multiple destinations, you might not have a lot of time to soak in the unique atmosphere of them all. Just when you’ve fallen in love with one place (and when it comes to the islands of the Pacific, it would be in all of them), you must move to the next one. Oh well, don’t stress because you can always go back (and you will!).


Pacific cruises, Author: Vincent Camacho

Pacific cruises, Author: Vincent Camacho

Although cruising has certain disadvantages, it’s really a great way to explore the beauties of the Pacific islands. Nonetheless, make sure to consider both pros and cons before making the final decision.


In the comments below, let us know about your best (or worst) cruise experience!


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