Get MOOving: Le Grand Bellevue Hotel, Gstaad

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Get MOOving: Le Grand Bellevue Hotel, Gstaad

Le Grand Bellevue Hotel

Lions, and Tigers and Bears—umm—Cows?!? Oh my!


Le Grand Bellevue Hotel: Gstaad, Switzerland

For anyone in need of a peaceful, summer getaway, Le Grand Bellevue Gstaad offers the perfect escape. Get off the beaten path and enjoy a stroll down the central promenade or head off into the mountains for a day of hiking and traditional Swiss activities.

Traditional Swiss Mountain Bowling

Traditional Swiss Mountain Bowling

The building itself is BEAUTIFUL. Originally built in 1912, on the outside it appears to be your typical, palace hotel. Once you step inside; however, you enter a boldly-designed property full of life and character. The artistic elements of Le Grand Bellevue Hotel are evident throughout. From the life-size camel statue in the front hallway; to the birdcage seating in the lobby; to the snowflake lighting that drops from the ceiling and continues down the entire staircase—small discoveries can be made in nearly all corners of this establishment.

Snowflake Chandeliers

Snowflake Chandeliers


The Rooms

In one word—HUGE. Having only 57 rooms in the entire property, each chamber was created to make its guests feel at home. Situated behind a small, wooded area, it’s refreshing to return to the room after a day-hike, prop open the windows, and allow the natural fresh air to breeze through while sinking into the quicksand-inducing comforts of its beds.

Tower Suite Le Grand Bellevue

Tower Suite


The Location

If you hear words “Swiss Alpine Village,” cows are typically not the first things that come to mind. You think—hiking, skiing, and other winter sports. However, to completely dismiss a summer visit to Gstaad would forfeit much of the charm and beauty this small village town can offer.

Lake Lauenen near Gstaad

Lake Lauenen near Gstaad

Located in the heart of Gstaad village, directly on the main promenade, one of the highlights to a summer visit to Le Grand Bellevue Hotel is the Züglete. The Züglete is a festival honoring the seasonal descent of Alpine cows during early autumn. The city has opened this event up to the public. Its goal is to share its farming culture with the local citizens and tourists from near and far. And witnessing the bouquet-adorned cows proudly prance along the promenade is truly a site to see.

Cow Parade

Say Cheese!


The Final Verdict

Although Gstaad may be waaaay off the beaten path, it’s the perfect place for peace. Take a break from the madness of the world to enjoy this lovely hotel and the entire surrounding area of Gstaad. Would I return??? In a moment’s notice—without a doubt!

 Le Grand Bellevue Hotel

Key Information

Distance from Zurich: A little over 3 hours by train.

Distance from Geneva: About 2 and a half hours by train.

Hotel Amenities: Several Restaurants, a bar, a club, an indoor pool, one of the most amazing spas in all of Switzerland and much more.

Booking: Check here for the latest deals; however, with hundreds of reviews on Agoda and a 9.6 ranking—the numbers speak for themselves.


In the comments, name a small town or resort you’ve been to that has really blown you away during your travels.


  1. theresa says:

    OMG! The place is such a beauty. Would love to add this on my bucketlist. There are really so many places and this one was so exquisite I wanna go. I think you really had a great time.

  2. Milton Coyne says:

    wow that Lake Lauenen is like those photos seen in wallpapers and post cards.. this is indeed a great paradise and I would love to stay here someday (if only my time and my money allows me haha).
    those huge bells on cows neck reminds me of those classic cartoon version

  3. Really enjoy reading a travel post here about Switzerland. This is a country that I always wanna visit to. A very beautiful place & wish I can be there very soon. You had a nice stay in a beautiful hotel too
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  4. David says:

    MOOving post, so inspiring. The place looks so awesome. Appreciate the post.

  5. Wow! What a lovely place to stay indeed! For a hotel or a vacation house i always prefer the one which is far from the noise and the chaos. Its relaxing and really comfortable. The interiors of this place are very elegant and homey! And oh! The animals! Well.. 🙂

  6. Lauren says:

    Switzerland is on my list of places to see! I’ll keep this hotel in mind and pin it to my board.

  7. The ambiance was very homey and engaging. This is the kinda feel that I want in hotels.

  8. Stacie says:

    Look at those cows just roaming around. What an interesting place to visit.

  9. DannyWrites says:

    Damn I’m envious! Looks beautiful 😉

  10. Freya Farrington says:

    I’ve heard such great things about this venue and the rooms look incredible! I’d love to visit one day!

  11. hal says:

    wayyyyyyyyyyy off the beaten track and i guess maybe not as expensive as zurich or geneva – those rooms look massive!!! its a good tip for something different – so good shout!

  12. Kasi says:

    This hotel and scenery is beautiful, I’d love to visit. The cow festival seems pretty cool too.

  13. Kara says:

    It looks so laid back and serene. The hotel decor is gorgeous!

  14. chante says:

    looks like a fun stay

  15. The tower suite is stunning and I do like the thought of a peaceful getaway. I like the mix of rustic and old fashioned glamour that can be seen in Le Grand Bellevue Hotel. The photos are beautiful too x

  16. Chelsea says:

    This looks like a beautiful stay! The pictures look so pretty. The tower suite looks perfect

  17. Mimi Green says:

    This place looks gorge. The room size is like an apartment. The cows are an interesting touch. Lol

  18. Elle (CleverlyChanging) says:

    My husband went to Switzerland last year. He didn’t have any photos of the hotel, just tons of the Swiss Alps. They are beautiful, I hope to one day see them in person.

  19. Kita says:

    What a beautiful hotel and grounds. I would be freaked out by the cows though. I plan to travel overseas in the next few years. I year of travel would do me well.

  20. LeShelle, host of MRTV says:

    Everything looks so serene and far, far, far away from the annoyances of American cultural and societal norms. I’m beginning to think traveling is good for our mental health.

  21. Evelyn Reese says:

    Wow, I would love to make this trip to the Swiss Alps. The hotel is truly amazing and the views of the area are breathtaking.

  22. Carissa says:

    The scenery is beautiful!! The suite looks so inviting and comfortable!!

  23. Chris Buggs says:

    The scenery looks awesome!

  24. Tomiko says:

    Swiss Alps is on my bucket list!! I can’t wait and I’m hoping 2019 cause 18 is already booked. So many places and so little time

    • EG III says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Remind me of the quote, “I haven’t been everywhere yet…but it’s on my list!”

  25. Aline Castro says:

    Congrats for the Post and thanks a million for share it. Fore sure, in my next time in Switzerland I will try to visit this niiiice Hotel. Thanks again for the amazing tip .)

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