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The Finca Experience


After losing my phone during my very first day in Bogota, I needed an escape. Somewhere to clear my mind and get away from the madness of the big city. An island? Too expensive. A tour of the Amazon? Too much of a time commitment. The Colombian Finca Experience? Bingo!

I was told that the weekend trip from Bogota would be affordable (less than $75 USD total—with all food and drinks included), relatively close (only a few hours by bus from Bogota to Anapoima), and most importantly-FUN! In the words of Tom Cruise’s character in Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello.”

The trip itself was organized by the social coordinator, Nataly, of the school I was studying Spanish at, Whee Institute. Although I declined the invitation at first, it didn’t take much coaxing on her part to convince me to join after the whirlwind of a week I had.

The Finca Experience

What’s the finca experience all about?

Honestly, I had no idea of what to expect. When I asked for details, the simple answer was:

HELLO?!? It’s a weekend at a sick house in the countryside. What more do you need???

Again…you had me at hello!

What exactly is a finca, you ask?

A finca, as defined by our trusty friends at Wikipedia, is “a piece of rural or agricultural land, typically with a cottage, farmhouse or estate buildings present, and often adjacent to a woodland or plantation.” And it was just that!

finca pool

My finca experience

The road leading to our weekend home was blocked off due to recent mudslides, so the bus dropped us off and we walked through the forest about a kilometer into town before stocking up on food and drinks and catching taxis into the estate. Upon arrival, it was even more beautiful than the photographs. A full kitchen, freshwater pool, several beds and fresh fruit trees as far as the eyes could see were just a few of the amenities at our disposal.

finca pool fun

Beers in the pool…why not!

dinner at the finca

Bon Appetit!

Good company, great food and music, plus beautiful weather all combined to create a truly memorable finca experience. The highlight of the trip; however, was my decision to hitchhike, alone, back into town. I saved only $5 in doing so, but the thrill of traversing through the unknown and negotiating a ride to the bus stop with my limited Spanish is something that I will never forget.


In the comments below, share an exciting solo adventure you’ve had, either domestically or during travels.


  1. Anton says:

    The Finca looks amazing. What a view to wake up to. I’m heading to Colombia for a wedding next year. I’ll probably be extending my stay and look to include a stay at a Finca. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Angelie says:

    What an extraordinary experience! I have never walked to a forest before and it’s something I want to experience someday. I can imagine it to be really tiring but I guess the relaxing way through it kind of somewhat made the long walk worth it? I think you had a wonderful time indeed!

  3. I imagine you traveling alone with your limited Spanish and it seems that if it happened to me, it will indeed be memorable. Yes, experiencing something new with good company is indeed a nice decision. How I wish to travel far just like you. Perhaps soon.

  4. Valerie Robinson says:

    Looks like a beautiful private oasis! Loving all the photos!

  5. Wow, what an awesome experience. And thanks for educating me on what a Finca is– I’ve never heard of it until today.

  6. It sounds like a relaxing and very fun experience especially after the stress of losing your phone in a country that you’re new in. I think the place is stunning and it’s tough not to have a great time there!

  7. Krystle Cook says:

    This place looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to be able to travel here one day.

  8. Louise says:

    It looks absolutely amazing here! I definitely wouldn’t say no to a Finca experience 🙂

    Louise x

  9. Nazrin says:

    Look at that water!! This place looks so cool and the perfect place for a group/friends holiday!


  10. hal says:

    never heard of finca so this is really good to review. the colombian experience part is interesting for me in this post!! its all about that solo hike :p

  11. That’s so brave of you to do the hitchhiking back. I think I would be freaked out quite a bit to do that. Looks like a beautiful place you were at.

  12. Carissa says:

    Looks like a wonderful experience! Love the pic of the freshwater pool.

  13. margarette says:

    Wow this looks like an amazing trip! Oh i want to try this trip too. Looks so much fun!

  14. ShaBree says:

    Never been to Columbia. After reading this it just may get on my bucket list.

  15. Ngumabi says:

    Looks like fun
    I love the photos

  16. Aline Xiloca says:

    The best blog ever! I didn’t know about Finca. Thanks?

  17. Nelu Mbingu says:

    That looks like a very cosy place for a weekend out. Might check it out if I travel to Colombia one day. Thanks for sharing!

  18. this looks like a beautiful and amazing trip! I liked that you shared a bit about culture and not just travel. It really gives you the Columbian experience

  19. You’re brave! I don’t think I would’ve had it in my to hitchhike alone anywhere! Looks like you had an amazing and unforgettable trip =)

  20. Ali Rost says:

    What a fun get-away! Good for you. With fruit trees, a beautiful pool, and lots of friends all around, what more could anyone ask for? x

  21. Javier Moss says:

    this is awesome! i never been in colombia, so this was a great preview in all!

  22. Before reading this post, I had never heard of a finca experience so I’m pleased you covered that in here. It really looked like a lovely escape for the weekend and certainly well worth the money. Great value! Lovely photos too.

  23. Wow, the water there is so gorgeous, this looks like it was an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing!

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